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We believe that every technology process can be improved - whether that be the very early stages of digital brand design, right the way to cutting edge machine learning and AI implementations.

We've deliberately set about horizontally integrating our services to ensure our clients have a trusted partner for their technology needs.


ForLoop continues to build a growing reputation for their comprehensive technology services. Consequently, ForLoop can assist with a broader range of projects whilst still retaining all the qualities that a boutique consultancy has to offer.

By choosing ForLoop, our clients can get the feel of an extended team, with friendly, reliable, and experienced faces, with resource on demand for whenever they are ready to kick off their next exciting project!

data solutions
data solutions

Data solutions are critical for businesses in today’s data-driven economy.

The right data solution can help businesses unlock the value in their data, optimize their operations, and make better decisions. The right data solution can help businesses transform their data into a competitive advantage. With the help of a data solution provider, businesses can unlock the value in their data and make better decisions.

ForLoop provides a range of services that help businesses to use technology in a more efficient and effective way.

Reporting & Data Visualisation

Data Engineering

Data Science: Machine Learning & AI

Forecasting Econometrics



ForLoop is born. Long-time friends and now Directors, Chris and Alex, decide that technology services are being offered inefficiently from both larger consultancies and in house teams. Starting in the Telecommunications industry, ForLoop start their deployment of Data Services.


A strong growth year for ForLoop, with the team almost tripling. This coincides with our projects branching out in to logistics and gambling industries. Meanwhile ForLoop helps a client win an award for “Econometrical Deployment” at the WARC awards. In effect - increasing marketing ROI by 250% by utilising cutting edge analysis to drive decisions.


With major headwinds and the global pandemic causing major disruption in the economy, it was a time when many start ups struggled. With a combination of fortune and hard work, ForLoop managed to retain all existing clients, grow the time and bring a number of new clients on board.


With the pandemic still casting a shadow on the economy, ForLoop experience a further increase in demand, with the market for quality technology services growing. It was at this point, ForLoop horizontally integrated it’s service offering, bringing in a design team to compliment services already provided.


With the team now over 20 staff strong, ForLoop has rolled out numerous successful Data and Design projects to a growing client list. The company has continued to pride itself on strong client and staff retention, whilst delivering a top quality service.